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The Dialogue Training Center at Allianz SE

The Dialogue Training Center, as a “Center for Professional and Personal Excellence”, offers companies professional human resource development in the form of individual or team coaching.  We use a variety of innovative methods including “Dialogue in the Dark ®” and “Lightless Creativity – Innovation Coaching in the Dark” to support managers and their teams in identifying and developing their potential.  Parts of the training sessions are conducted in the “light-free” rooms at the Dialogue Training Center. These sessions are facilitated by blind and visually impaired trainers in cooperation with sighted coaches. 
Darkness changes our perspective, as highlighted in a recent study by the University of Dortmund. In the dark, participants are up to 30% more creative than in the light and the variety of ideas generated is invariably greater.
Our workshops consist of a combination of traditional coaching methods and practical exercises aimed at the different talents and skills of both the individual and the team.  The trainer team facilitates the exercises and subsequent reflection sessions, observes the participants’ behavior and gives feedback on the interaction and dynamics within the team. Alternative courses of action and behavior are worked out to ensure improved team cooperation in practice.  The different training methods used are tailored to individual requirements.

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